Reasons Why PCs are Still Better Than Tablets

Despite the hype associated with tablets, there are numerous reasons why a PC is better than a tablet today. We will explore everything that you need to learn about personal computers being better than tablets. PCs have processors which have higher speed than tablets. They are therefore, able to work faster than a tablet. This saves your time due to the large workloads that PCs can carry out within a short time. The most modern PCs have very large capacities that cannot be matched by tablets. You will be able to save far much more work in a PC than you would with a tablet. PCs are also very popular with people who spend much of their careers working on computers. Unlike tablet, PCs can easily work with software that is being created. This makes them popular among software developers and other people who have interests in computing.

Typing on PCs is easier and faster since they have a physical keyboard. The onscreen keyboard of a tablet is not as good as that of a PC making typing slower. Sometimes when you are using a tablet you may be required to tap the keys multiple times for the correct character to show on the screen. This is not a problem with a PC.

With PC, you do not have to worry about the word processor you are using as they support all software that are created for computers. Tablets may not support some word processor software. This means that you may be unable to use your tablet unless you use word processors from the large software companies. PCs are able to open all websites without taking the size or number of pages into consideration. Tablets have problems when opening websites with large or many pages as they cannot load all the pages. This makes using such websites a slow and annoying experience. Whenever you need to open websites always use a PC, as it is faster and will open all the pages you requested.

PCs are also cheaper to maintain and repair when they breakdown. Tablets are more fragile and require more care What is even more disturbing is that finding replacement parts for tablets is more difficult and if you get the parts they are more expensive than those of PCs.

If you want to provide computer services to many people for example, in a school, college, university or
Internet cafe PCs are much better than tablets. They are able to take more abuse than tablets before breaking down. PCs can also handle huge volumes of traffic associated with such areas in a fast and efficient way than tablets Tablets could breakdown if they are used by many people since they have a touch screen keyboards, which are not as handy as the keyboard found with a PC.

If you need to upgrade your PC you do not have to buy a new one. If you want to increase the memory capacity of a PC you only need to upgrade its memory to a higher capacity. For a tablet, you cannot upgrade the memory, and you would need to buy a new one which is more expensive. Therefore using a PC saves you money

When using PCs you have a wide range of software that you can choose from unlike in a tablet. This makes PCs more user friendly and more flexible as they can perform a wide range of functions. All you do is install the correct software, and within minutes you can do what you want with your PC. Due to the limited software available for tablets their usability is lower than that of PCs.

PCs are also more affordable than tablets To get a tablet that can perform similar functions with a PC you would need more money.

PCs also provide a better of watching movies. The screen of the PC is much larger making watching movies enjoyable. With tablets, you cannot watch a movie if you are in a group as you would all cram around the small screen. This would not be an experience that you would like to go through.

You can now see why PCs are here to stay despite growth of tablets. Tablets do not offer much usability like PCs do.