AMD vs. Intel – Battle of CPUs

Choosing the right processor for desktop or laptop use can be a hard decision to make if you are not fully aware of the difference and benefits of the two biggest CPU brands that dominate the market today. The brand of processor also covers the aspect of how you intend to maximize the purpose of your computer. If you are an avid gaming enthusiast, Intel (Intel Corporation) processors work best with its faster processing speed and compliment the specification requirements of every PC game. But, if you prefer to utilize the computer for your basic tasks (uploading pictures, saving files, sending e-mails, browsing the internet, listening to music, watching streaming video, preparing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.)

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) will fit your expectations and needs.

Does it really matter what CPU must be used for a specific purpose when the use of technology is concerned? Whenever the issue about who is the more reliable processor is raised, these two brands need to be always in a tough competition regarding who is much better when it comes to speed, efficiency, and optimal performance. AMD vs. Intel – until when will the battle of the CPU’s end? To enlighten everyone about the issue, it is best to understand what each processor can do and compare their best and not so best qualities when it comes to overall PC performance.

The Intel CPU

Speed, game compatibility, matched with an impressive processor performance, an Intel CPU is the best answer for all desktop and mobile computing needs. Although the price tag is a bit higher than AMD. Intel manages to win more loyal users and satisfied customers. The quality and integrity plus the trust of their valued clients on the brand placed them in a more secure position at the top when it comes to the choice of CPU to use on their PC Latest benchmark tests on CPU speed indicates they have out – perform AMD even with their single core processing units. Since its creation in 1968 at Sta. Clara. California USA, they are consistently developing and kept on improving their microchip processors to give its best in every released version. The company has also successfully branched out their manufacturing process in every highly developed country where computers and Intel CPU is more widely purchased and used.

Major Products:

The major product line is composed of; microprocessors. Pentium series (Celeron and Core products) the core i3, core i5. and core i7 as of dale. Chipset servers, motherboards, memory cards, and software designed for laptop and desktop use.


Established since 1969 at its main headquarters in Sunnyvale. California it has been consistent on its number two spot although this huge company was the first to come up with their own brand of quad core (the Athlon series) processor than Intel. For more than 40 years in the industry, the only difference between its competitive and superior brand is the price Most AMD CPU’s are priced lower than Intel This gives their target audience a lower priced option when contemplating on what CPU to use on their desktop or laptop. Performance wise, it does nol measure up to what Intel can accomplish when it comes to speed, durability and total performance As far as desktop use is concerned, AMD has lagged behind Intel because they fail to meet the expectations and perform better in the long run during benchmark tests, the processing time is slow, and overclocks at most points. However, this low satisfaction rate did not stop them from improving and developing their product line. The company has recently launched their new processor series (Kaveri) which offers promising features and highlights to compete with the leading Intel brand.

Major Products:

Their main product line is made of Microprocessors, semiconductors, microchip server sets, memory cards, motherboards and other computerized gadgets and machines designed for commercial and technological needs They are also into software development and their latest acquisition is about video card manufacturing. They will incorporate this latest feature and upgrade their on board video card performance in their next motherboard releases.