How to Pick the Right Gaming PC

Once again PC gaming has taken the world by surprise and appears to have grown inches bigger than it was initially. This is mostly accredited to the launch of Diablo III and Sid Meier’s Civilization V, an expansion of the Gods and Kings, which are believed to have skyrocketed the sales of PC games by more than 200%. If you are the type of person who just cannot do without PC gaming, then by now you must have realized that one of the most important factors you must put into consideration is your choice of PC. And as a hardcore gamer, what you will always want is excitement, power, and flat-out speed, and there is no better way of ensuring that other than with the right gaming PC. However, getting to pick the right one can be very daunting, with manufacturers hurling around terminologies such as GDDR5, liquid cooling, Shader Model 5, SLI, and DirectX.

How to pick the right gaming PC


Determine on the amount of money you are ready to spend and whether it will be worth. The cost of computer components, particularly the video card and the CPU fall drastically after being released. If acquiring a better deal is imperative, then avoid purchasing the higher priced computers and aim for those with at least one year old technology. Alternatively, if you want the best possible frame-rate for the hottest game in the market, then you should be ready to spend.

The game you play or want to play

Your choice of PC should be based on the type of game and its requirements. For example, if you enjoy playing the latest first-person shooter games, then you should focus more on the graphics hardware rather than the CPU performance. If you are the type of person your heart misses a bit at the site of turn-war games, then you should concentrate on the performance of the CPU instead of the high-end GPU. On the other hand, if you cannot do without real-time strategy games, then you need to find a PC with a good balance between CPU and graphics.


The fact remains that for a much better display, you will require a good high-end graphics card. This means that you should always pay attention to the machine’s GPU once you have determined the type of game you want to play and its requirements. Graphics will always remain the most important aspect of a gaming PC even in heavy tiles CPU. Therefore, you will want to consider acquiring the best graphics card, but within your budget. It will not be sensible of you to spend a $ 1.000 on 2 high-end graphic cards, for a 1080p monitor only to run your games at default settings.

Cooling and CPU

You do understand that gaming works the PC very much, and as a result a lot of heat is produced. For an over-clocked CPU not to overheat, it requires forced cooling. A basic Intel CPU cooler will not work. Rather, you will find several fans and large heat-sinks. A liquid-cooling system is much preferable as it not only provides greater airflow, but also greater cooling capacity and reduced fan noise.

In addition, you should check whether the PC has dust filters that help reduce the incoming debris, which clog up gaming PCs causing them to overheat and become noisier. It is therefore, advisable that you consider choosing a large and clear CPU and that provides a quick response time


Most games run at a peak memory bandwidth of about 30GB per second. Therefore, it is vital that your CPU is capable of pumping out the same in order to have a good and enjoyable gaming experience


You might not be aware of this, but the type of mouse and keyboard you use determines your gaming skills and influences your experience. The best gaming PC should come with the right peripherals for gaming. It is advisable that you go for computers with wired peripherals instead of wireless devices, as they offer better responsiveness than the latter.

Look for keyboards with backlighting and programmable keys and mice with high resolution. Keyboard with high-grade mechanical switches provide a better feel and are longer lasting than those with cheap membrane switches

Style and color

The last thing to consider is your case; its color and style. It offers a visual appearance of how good your computer is. Therefore, it is essential that you go for a good one, especially if your computer lacks the insides that really count. It will be hilarious to have a computer with an excellent inside, but a less-than-perfect outside, particularly when final decision lies in your hands. With these tips in mind, deciding how to pick the right gaming PC should be a piece of cake and the difficulties earlier experienced will soon be past tense.


Reasons Why PCs are Still Better Than Tablets

Despite the hype associated with tablets, there are numerous reasons why a PC is better than a tablet today. We will explore everything that you need to learn about personal computers being better than tablets. PCs have processors which have higher speed than tablets. They are therefore, able to work faster than a tablet. This saves your time due to the large workloads that PCs can carry out within a short time. The most modern PCs have very large capacities that cannot be matched by tablets. You will be able to save far much more work in a PC than you would with a tablet. PCs are also very popular with people who spend much of their careers working on computers. Unlike tablet, PCs can easily work with software that is being created. This makes them popular among software developers and other people who have interests in computing.

Typing on PCs is easier and faster since they have a physical keyboard. The onscreen keyboard of a tablet is not as good as that of a PC making typing slower. Sometimes when you are using a tablet you may be required to tap the keys multiple times for the correct character to show on the screen. This is not a problem with a PC.

With PC, you do not have to worry about the word processor you are using as they support all software that are created for computers. Tablets may not support some word processor software. This means that you may be unable to use your tablet unless you use word processors from the large software companies. PCs are able to open all websites without taking the size or number of pages into consideration. Tablets have problems when opening websites with large or many pages as they cannot load all the pages. This makes using such websites a slow and annoying experience. Whenever you need to open websites always use a PC, as it is faster and will open all the pages you requested.

PCs are also cheaper to maintain and repair when they breakdown. Tablets are more fragile and require more care What is even more disturbing is that finding replacement parts for tablets is more difficult and if you get the parts they are more expensive than those of PCs.

If you want to provide computer services to many people for example, in a school, college, university or
Internet cafe PCs are much better than tablets. They are able to take more abuse than tablets before breaking down. PCs can also handle huge volumes of traffic associated with such areas in a fast and efficient way than tablets Tablets could breakdown if they are used by many people since they have a touch screen keyboards, which are not as handy as the keyboard found with a PC.

If you need to upgrade your PC you do not have to buy a new one. If you want to increase the memory capacity of a PC you only need to upgrade its memory to a higher capacity. For a tablet, you cannot upgrade the memory, and you would need to buy a new one which is more expensive. Therefore using a PC saves you money

When using PCs you have a wide range of software that you can choose from unlike in a tablet. This makes PCs more user friendly and more flexible as they can perform a wide range of functions. All you do is install the correct software, and within minutes you can do what you want with your PC. Due to the limited software available for tablets their usability is lower than that of PCs.

PCs are also more affordable than tablets To get a tablet that can perform similar functions with a PC you would need more money.

PCs also provide a better of watching movies. The screen of the PC is much larger making watching movies enjoyable. With tablets, you cannot watch a movie if you are in a group as you would all cram around the small screen. This would not be an experience that you would like to go through.

You can now see why PCs are here to stay despite growth of tablets. Tablets do not offer much usability like PCs do.


Why You Should Get a Tablet PC

We hear and read news about how distinctive organizations are thinking of new tablet computers. A couple of years back these gadgets did not even exist and now they are all around – making everybody insane. Is it true that they are truly worth the inconvenience, or would it say it is simply all buildup?

It is safe to say that you are one of the aforementioned pondering if you may as well join the millions who have purchased tablets, or you might as well only stay with your trusty laptop machine? What could a tablet provide for them you that your laptop would not have the capacity to handle? To bail you out, here are a percentage of the regularly referred to explanations behind purchasing a tablet machine:

1. They can not be beaten with regards to being movable. Contrasted with universal computers they are unquestionably light weight which makes it extremely helpful for utilizing them on certain errands, particularly when you are on the go. Indeed laptops appear awkward and overwhelming when contrasted and the new tablet computers that are turning out. Some are even light enough to be utilized with one hand. You are likewise not losing anything with regards to certain sorts of purpose.

2. A tablet computer is additionally quite useful for boosting your profit. For certain undertakings you are set to need the force and the adaptability of a full measured computer, yet a tablet machine can additionally help you to end up additional gainful when you are on the go. It is ideal for performing a few errands.

Some individuals think that it perfect for addressing messages and taking notes Others think that it handy for scanning the Internet rapidly when they do not have room schedule-wise to hold up for a desktop to begin up. There are likewise laborers who think that it helpful as a second screen when they are chipping away at their work area.

3. Tablet computers are likewise incredible for entertainment, and there are numerous explanations why. They are incredible for scanning and for viewing motion pictures, yet the grandest development of tablet computers is the way that you can play diversions on it With its touch screen you can play many diversions of which more are turning out consistently.

4. An alternate extraordinary thing about tablet computers is that they are exceptionally adjustable You can download melodies, motion pictures, and all the more imperatively apps. The many apps that are accessible can upgrade the way that you utilize your tablet machine within such a large number of ways that you may not have envisioned when you bought it.

Some individuals may contend that you can likewise do the same thing with accepted computers Recollect, however, it is a ton more muddled process to install a provision on a desktop or even on a laptop it is not only the same thing.

5. Maybe one of the grandest things striving for tablet computers is the better electric cell life that they have over accepted computers. You can not utilize a laptop for an entire day without you needing to connect it to a force outlet Indeed cell phones can not beat a tablet in this classification.
Other reasons include.


Free Software You Must Have on Your PC

The internet contains thousands of free software applications, and this makes it hard for the internet user to choose which apps to download and which ones to ignore. This article provides the best 8 free software you must have on your PC:

1. Chrome / Firefox (Web browser)

Both Google Chrome and Firefox are perfect for browsing the internet. They are both user-friendly, fast and provide your PC with online security. However, Firefox would be a better choice than Chrome, when it comes to downloading additional features (video manager, password manager, page translator, ad blocker etc.) to the browser.

2. Glary Utilities (System Maintenance)

Glary Utilities is a system maintenance tool for cleaning, protecting, repairing and speeding up your computer. It has a one-click maintenance button that automatically activates all repair jobs and optimizations your system needs. Another stand out feature is that it integrates more than 15 other practical tools that any computer user would approve. These include:

  • Uninstall Manager
  • Context Menu Manager
  • Registry Defrag Tool
  • Startup Manager
  • Track Eraser
  • File Shredder
  • File Undelete
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Duplicate File Finder
  • Empty Folder Finder
  • File Splitter and Joiner
  • File Encrypt/Decrypt Tool
  • Disk Space Usage Analysis

3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Spyware Removal)

The Malwarebytes software is one of the top 10 most downloaded programs on Download.com. It is also very easy to use and plays the important role of protecting your computer from keyloggers, hijackers, spyware and any other form of malware. What makes it different from other spyware removal programs is that it contains a large library of threats that it aims to protect the system against. This makes it very effective in detecting spyware threats to your computer

4. AVG Anti-Virus (Free Anti-virus Software)

According to Download.com, the AVG Anti-virus is most the commonly used and downloaded software program on the internet. This software program is simple to use and consumes minimal amounts of the system’s resources. In addition, it automatically updates the virus definitions on a daily basis, thus keeping the system secure without the user’s intervention.

5. Google Picasa Software (Photo Management)

The Google Picasa is a unique photo management software that locates all the photographs stored in your PC and organizes them within a short time. This software not only organizes your photos nicely, but also allows you edit the photographs and add some cool effects. It also includes face recognition and regardless of changes made to any photograph, the original is always preserved by the software.

It includes the following features:

  • Create photo collages and video slideshows from your photos
  • Organize photos in accordance to the people on them.
  • Browse your photos by folders, people, albums.
  • Geotag your photographs on Google Maps.
  • One-click fixes for problems such as red-eye, color, and lighting
  • 12 cool effects to enhance your best photos

6. doPDF (PDF Printer)

Time after time, the need to convert some of our work or school documents into PDF arises. The doPDF software is the perfect solution to these needs. It acts like a virtual printer that can be selected using the print button from any Windows program. Hence, whenever you need to convert a Word document. Excel Spreadsheet, webpage or any other document into PDF, just click on the print option on your program and choose doPDF from the drop-down menu.

7. Auslogics Disk Defrag (Disk Defragmenter)

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free PC maintenance tool that was created to curtail system sluggishness as well as prevent crashes triggered by disk fragmentation. Though the Windows operating system has an integrated disk-defragmenter, but theAuslogics Disk Defrag has proven to be quicker and more efficient. It is very easy to operate, and unlike other software of the same kind, it does not need any analysis phase.

8. xVideoServiceThief (The Video Downloader)

xVideoServiceThief software allows you to download videos on YouTube, and other sites such as Yahoo Videos, Google Videos and college humor, so you can watch them on your mobile phone, iPhone, computer or PSP. It can as well convert the downloaded videos into several other formats.

Bonus Programs

KNCTR: Free communication tool with the ability to make free phone calls on mobile and landline numbers within the USA and Canada.

Revo: It has the ability to uninstall programs that the Windows default program manager is unable to remove.

Foxit: It may be used in the place of Adobe PDF reader, though it has lesser features. Foxit enables you to launch PDF documents as quickly as notepad files.

Spyware Terminator: It goes neck and neck with the Malwa.


AMD vs. Intel – Battle of CPUs

Choosing the right processor for desktop or laptop use can be a hard decision to make if you are not fully aware of the difference and benefits of the two biggest CPU brands that dominate the market today. The brand of processor also covers the aspect of how you intend to maximize the purpose of your computer. If you are an avid gaming enthusiast, Intel (Intel Corporation) processors work best with its faster processing speed and compliment the specification requirements of every PC game. But, if you prefer to utilize the computer for your basic tasks (uploading pictures, saving files, sending e-mails, browsing the internet, listening to music, watching streaming video, preparing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.)

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) will fit your expectations and needs.

Does it really matter what CPU must be used for a specific purpose when the use of technology is concerned? Whenever the issue about who is the more reliable processor is raised, these two brands need to be always in a tough competition regarding who is much better when it comes to speed, efficiency, and optimal performance. AMD vs. Intel – until when will the battle of the CPU’s end? To enlighten everyone about the issue, it is best to understand what each processor can do and compare their best and not so best qualities when it comes to overall PC performance.

The Intel CPU

Speed, game compatibility, matched with an impressive processor performance, an Intel CPU is the best answer for all desktop and mobile computing needs. Although the price tag is a bit higher than AMD. Intel manages to win more loyal users and satisfied customers. The quality and integrity plus the trust of their valued clients on the brand placed them in a more secure position at the top when it comes to the choice of CPU to use on their PC Latest benchmark tests on CPU speed indicates they have out – perform AMD even with their single core processing units. Since its creation in 1968 at Sta. Clara. California USA, they are consistently developing and kept on improving their microchip processors to give its best in every released version. The company has also successfully branched out their manufacturing process in every highly developed country where computers and Intel CPU is more widely purchased and used.

Major Products:

The major product line is composed of; microprocessors. Pentium series (Celeron and Core products) the core i3, core i5. and core i7 as of dale. Chipset servers, motherboards, memory cards, and software designed for laptop and desktop use.


Established since 1969 at its main headquarters in Sunnyvale. California it has been consistent on its number two spot although this huge company was the first to come up with their own brand of quad core (the Athlon series) processor than Intel. For more than 40 years in the industry, the only difference between its competitive and superior brand is the price Most AMD CPU’s are priced lower than Intel This gives their target audience a lower priced option when contemplating on what CPU to use on their desktop or laptop. Performance wise, it does nol measure up to what Intel can accomplish when it comes to speed, durability and total performance As far as desktop use is concerned, AMD has lagged behind Intel because they fail to meet the expectations and perform better in the long run during benchmark tests, the processing time is slow, and overclocks at most points. However, this low satisfaction rate did not stop them from improving and developing their product line. The company has recently launched their new processor series (Kaveri) which offers promising features and highlights to compete with the leading Intel brand.

Major Products:

Their main product line is made of Microprocessors, semiconductors, microchip server sets, memory cards, motherboards and other computerized gadgets and machines designed for commercial and technological needs They are also into software development and their latest acquisition is about video card manufacturing. They will incorporate this latest feature and upgrade their on board video card performance in their next motherboard releases.


Cloud Computing and its Benefits

The world has evolved a lot in terms of technology. More and people are getting fast and reliable internet connectivity at an affordable cost. They are connected most of the time and one way or another, each one of us uses the internet in one way or the other. Perhaps the most innovative innovation with regards to the internet has been cloud computing (for more information read this article about cloud computing). In the next few sections, we take a look at what cloud computing is and how it is of great use to you.

Cloud computing is a new form of making use of computing resources such as processing power, storage space and software that is on a server on the internet. With cloud computing, you can have as much computing power as you need at a relatively lower cost. For instance, enterprise software running on the cloud is more reliable in terms of efficiency and security as compared to a local machine running the software. One good thing with cloud computing is that it is scalable and elastic meaning that you only pay for as much as you use and as your needs increase, you are assigned more computing resources. Cloud computing can be of great help to you or your organization in terms of reliability and reducing computing costs. Since it is the cloud service provider that has the servers, you do not have to worry about the cost of maintaining the server or keeping it online. Things such as backup and security of data are taken care of by the cloud provider. This way, you can focus on your core business and leave the computing aspect of it to the cloud provider.

In the past, synchronizing data across multiple computing devices was very tedious and time consuming. Physical transmission media such as flash drives were needed in order to transfer data from one computer to another. The number of devices that data could be transferred to were also very limited as specific software was needed in order to open certain files. With the cloud, this is all a thing of the past. Data can be accessed very easily from any device at any time. This means that you only need access to the internet, and the rest is done for you. Seamless synchronization of data with the cloud means that you can update your data on your local machine and the changes are reflected on the other end.

Cloud computing resources are virtually unlimited, and you can pay for as much as you need. This relieves you of the burden of having to buy physical hardware and additional components in order to adapt to increased computing needs. The cost savings that come with cloud computing cannot be ignored as they are so huge and have a great impact on the company budget. In addition to the budget cut, there is also the added accessibility of data from virtually anywhere and the assurance that your data is safe in multiple servers on the cloud. This is the future of computing.